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Friday, February 4, 2011

Dental hygiene can be expensive!

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Usually after ever meal while I am at home, I like to brush my teeth before I sit around for a long period of time. At work, I use one of these things instead of brushing:

So after a long day at the office we have a late dinner because of my wife's work and school schedule, and after dinner I head to the bathroom about an hour or so after we ate. I go #1 in the toilet bowl, and as I'm flushing, I whip out my electric tooth brush and tube of Mint Sensodyne toothpaste.

But then, I bobble the football on the snap, leading to a fumble, and an interception by the toilet water being flushing down the toilet!! Swoooooooooooooosh! The whole freaking tube is just gone!!

I immediately go into panic mode. My mind is racing with headlines in the Anderson, SC Newspaper:

"This just in. Local idiot flushes a entire tube of toothpaste down his toilet, which causes him to have $3,000 worth of plumbing repairs done to his sewer lines. Wow, glad we're not that guy!!"

I run to my wife:

"Taba, Taba, I was going to brush my teeth and I dropped my toothpaste into the toilet, and it was in the middle of flushing, and now it's gone!"

Her response was:

"Do you think it made it down to the actual line or just in the back of the toilet. We accidentally flushed a wash cloth in my toilet back home, and it just went to the back of the toilet. Maybe we should test it with something instead of water?"

"Well, I do have to kind of go #2. Do you think that will help?"

"I was talking about bread or toilet paper, dummy!!"

"Oh, right. I'll get right on that."

5 handfuls of toilet paper and a flush later, as the water crept up towards the rim of the toilet bowl, it's official:


So, even though I'm burnt out from working after my day at the office, the gloves come on and the tools come out, and out comes the toilet to check if I could possibly be lucky, and it would just be stuck in the back of the toilet, and not in the actual line under the house.

Check this out:

SUCCESS! It was! Hooray!!

This story has a happy ending. No repair bills, and I had just enough toothpaste left to finish brushing my teeth! 2 for 2 tonight! Hooray!!

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  1. Ha Ha! Just last weekend my keys were in my jacket pocket and after I got through with #1, ploop my keys drop in, lucky I wasn't doing an in the process flush. Went in and grabbed them, didn't harm my remote door lock, must be water/urine proof! ;) My wife's co worker got finished, flushed, keys dropped in and went bye bye.

  2. HAHA!!
    Well at least you saved the tooth paste and from having to call a plumber!

  3. I'm impressed you knew how to take the toilet apart... you wanna come to my house and do mine so I can lay tile under it? :)