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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fight or Die.

Fight or Die.
Everyday that we awaken, we will fight or die.
We will fight for the things that we want,
the life that we had,
the life that we have,
or the life that we want.
We will fight for good,
and for the things that make sense.
We will fight against evil,
and the things that haunt us.
We will fight for our dreams,
fight for our goals,
and fight for our hopes.
We will fight for those we love,
for those who we care about,
for those that deserve greatness.

The moment that we choose to not fight,
we will die.
Maybe not physically,
but in our soul,
we will die.
We will no longer walk among the living.
A life without dreams,
without goals,
without ambitions,
is not a life at all.

I was born to live,
I was raised to never quit,
I was raised to never give up,
so therefore,
I choose to fight.
I will fight,
until I die.

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