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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

So far, NOT so good.

I can definitely say I’ve seen better days.  Monday was awful.  I went running out of my house, as usual, almost running late, but at the perfect moment to where I could hop in my truck and JUST make it to work on time.  So, as usual, it’s about mid-20’s outside, which is pretty typical for a South Carolina winter.  I jump in the driver seat of the diesel, turn the key to the ON position, wait for the yellow glow plug light to go off for the engine, and turn it.  It turns perfectly, plenty of juice in the battery, the correct speed of rpms for the engine to make the usual sound.  But nothing.  Strange.  I try again.  Nothing.  It just spins and spins and spins, and nothing.  “This is very strange in our 2.5 year history together, truck.”  I was left dumbfounded, without anywhere to turn, and with absolute blank thoughts crossing my tiny brain as to the culprit.  My only option was to catch the Honda Fit express going 30 miles North to a place called Greenville to my wife’s job, asking her nicely to take me to my parents home to get the “spare” vehicle that they keep alive just for this specific purpose.  She does, and the car runs fine back down the highway towards my job in Georgia.  On my return trip, we left our home in such a rush, I couldn’t quite remember if I remembered to lock the back door after letting in our dog, Scooter.  So, I plan my trip to swing back by our house, just to double check and ease my mind.  I pull into the drive way, and figured I’d give the truck one more try, just for shits and giggles.  Hop in it, yellow light goes off, turn the key, and it starts up perfectly, ready to haul the camper to the beach immediately.  W.T.H.?  I say screw it, there has to be something wrong with it, I’ll take the car to be safe, and I arrived around 11 a.m. at work, while I was scheduled to be at work by 8, but cleared it with my boss and told him my problems. 


I go home after staying at work late, as usual, and I go straight home so that I can play mechanic and begin my diagnosis.  Again, I pull up at the drive way, get in the seat, yellow light goes off, starts up perfectly.  Now I’m pissed.  I start it, stop it, start it, stop it, start it, stop it, many times, all without a glitch whatsoever.  I’m feeling risky, which usually means I lose a lot of money in poker, so I take it to the local gas station and put fuel in it, turning it off in the process.  I finish fueling, yellow light goes off, and it starts without a glitch.  The Tuesday morning comes, I start it and drive it to work, to lunch, and back, without a glitch.  It runs like a champ, as the reason why I still own a 11 year old truck and pull a camper to far off destinations with it.   So you tell me? W.T.H.?  Why must I be made to look like an idiot at work for driving a Ford, which runs fine and has technical never left me sitting anywhere, other than at home.


Monday night was awful in the process though.  I ate P.F. Changs Sweet and Sour Chicken from our frozen food isle, and spent the night vomiting among other things I won’t describe.  I felt great this morning after all of that nastiness was out of me, and the truck drove great, so Tuesday hasn’t been that bad, not including the part from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m.. 

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