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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A random rant about life.

Anyone else find it weird that Bill Elliott still drives a Sprint Cup race car? I do. Same goes for Mark Martin.

I wonder what Nascar would be like if Dale Jr. starting winning again? How big is big, and how big could big get?

How come when I'm on I-29 going to work, people ride my ass because I'm only doing 60 in a 55, so they pass me, only to get behind another person a few yards ahead of me. Why pass, when there is nowhere to go but to the back of someone elses bumper. That's crazy? Isn't it?

With my own eyes, I witnessed a fact as to why my wife's soon to be new profession will always have a infinite amount of customer, oops, I meant patients. As I was eating a salad in front of a Ingles, I witnessed a woman cough and hack up some nasty stuff out of her lungs (yes, while I was eating), only to push it all back down to where it belonged by sucking on two cigarettes back to back. Why do people knowingly and willing destroy their body? Why do they do things to hurt themselves, but then cry and are sad at the end of their lives as they pay for the abuse that they themselves done to their own bodies? None of this makes sense to me. Same goes for people who drink their livers away, or people who die from heart disease and/or diabetes because they couldn't lay off the candy. How do you have sympathy for people who destroyed themselves? I'm find this harder and harder to do these days.

Why do I like every type of bean known to man, except for the dark red kidney beans? And why does Wendy's still put them in their chilli even after all the complaint letters I have written telling them that I don't like them, and to please not do that anymore?

Would it be cheaper to build a really huge house with separate living quarters for 4 families of four to live in rather than 4 separate families trying to live in 4 separate houses? Would it come out the same in the long run, or would the cheaper utility bills and property taxes make it worth it? Could you put up with sharing close quarters with 3 other families? I guess it depends on who it is, and how well you enjoy their company.

Why can I not sleep in a bed unless the sheet is tucked into the mattress in the bottom?

The only part of OCD I have is that I don't trust myself in the fact that I close the garage door before I leave. I can watch it go down, touch the ground, stop moving, and I go 2 second down the road, and I always question to whether is closed all the way. Or maybe I didn't watch it close to the ground, and it's going to start coming back up. And it did as I pulled off, but I didn't see it, so now I have to go back to make sure that yes, it is down, and I was right. That's OCD right? Paranoia? Or could it be the fact that this actually happened 4 years ago, and now it scares me that it'll happen again. Have you ever left to go to the store and left your front door open the entire time? I have.

1 comment:

  1. Ha Ha! Some interesting dillys there.
    Diddo on the people who ride our bumpers, and do it like we're going to some how be intimidated to speed up, and those that pass and disappear only for us to roll up next to them at a stop light, What did they gain?

    My brother is a smoker, he is usually sporting this hacking asthmaish sounding cough, oh but mention to him about the smoking, it's a cold or some food or something, ... right. His face looks like an anti smoker's pic or something.

    I can't sleep with my blankets tucked. lol But I don't like the weight of the blankets on my toes if I am lying on back watching tv. lol

    OCD for me, leaving the house, gotta double check the door for locked. Bathroom handles, don't like to touch the door handle bare handed leaving.