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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The glass is half full

Hello Everybody!

I always try to make light of every situation. I try my best to live in a "glass is half full" world. I could be up on the 91st floor on 5th street in NYC as a corporate ceo, or down digging ditches in the ghetto, and I will usually always find something to laugh and smile about. Life is simply to short to take things so serious, and I believe that we are as young as we feel and choose to allow our brains to be. Or something like that. Maybe I'm just crazy?? Who knows. Anyways. This is my recent experience that happened while at Sam's Club getting some groceries for my company. I've never quote Bill Engvalls "Here's your sign" type of moments in my life, or really noticed them, but the lady checking my receipt at the door on the way out, just caught me off guard, and I couldn't help but TO notice.

And also, on another note, have you ever noticed that the word receipt has a p in it? RECEIPT. I mean, why? Who comes up with this crap? I'm gonna stab a fool with my k-nife!! What? Why?

Here's my 2nd video that I uploaded with my new phone. I think this system is going to go pretty good and very smooth. I upload to Qik, it goes live on this blog, and then uploads to youtube automatically, and then youtube dumps it to my facebook. I'm basically a internet whore now, just getting passed around from one John to the next! haha!

Thanks guys!

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