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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hello Everyone!

I have very exciting news! I have always wanted to be more interactive and share more of my life thru the internet, but I've never really had the technology. I do own a very nice flip camera and laptop, but I've never been able to just shoot a video and post it right to my blog or put it on youtube, right as I carry on in everyday life, until now. My wife and I both purchased HTC Evo 4G phones with unlimited data this past weekend to celebrate our 4 year Anniversary together. So, basically I now have the ability to share photos and most of all, nice videos, directly with the world, as I live it.

I have the ability to post videos directly to Qik, and they allow me to post a updated link directly to my blog, and so therefore, at the very top, you will see a video player. As I make a new video and upload to Qik, it will go directly there. I will also upload these videos to youtube, so if you are a subscriber to my youtube account and can access that on your phone, you can get updates there also. I have also started a TwitPic account to go with my Twitter account, and I have installed a vertical picture display at the top of my blog, so you can see fresh pictures that I choose to share with the world, as I live it. That link will also be uploaded to Twitter for those of you that choose to follow me on there. And I will also upload the picture to my facebook, for those who follow me there.

SO THERE YOU HAVE IT! That's about as interactive as I have the ability to be!! You've got my words on my blog, my live video feed at the top, and my freshest pictures coming in on the side! WHAT MORE DO YOU PEOPLE WANT!!! hahahah!! Kidding.

Thanks to all those who have chosen to subscribe, and "Hello" to all those who will in the future. I hope to have fun with this, and I hope that you will enjoy that fun along with me.

Click here to go to youtube if you cannot see this video.

Click here to go to my homepage!

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